What is a Waterless Car Wash?

by Mufflex Care on Oct 02, 2021

What is a Waterless Car Wash?

What is a Waterless Car Wash?

A waterless car wash is an eco-friendly and efficient car wash that uses little or no water. Sometimes it is also known as a spray on car wash or no water car wash.

A commercial car wash

Most commercial car washes use up to 45 gallons of water per wash. However, car washers reclaim most of that water.

A Waterless car wash

Want to know the best part?

A waterless car wash just requires 4 – 6 oz of waterless car wash formula used per car and a couple of buckets of water. In the cases where the car is caked in mud, you require an additional gallon of water.

Mufflex Glow Apex Waterless Wash Benefits.

Glow Apex Waterless Wash is the next generation waterless detailing system. Glow Apex waterless wash cleans, shines, and protects without installing any swirls or scratches. The waterless detailing system finishes with a coat of optical gloss enhancers to ensure your car is getting washed and pampered in one step. Glow Apex waterless wash Wipe rapidly and safely lifts away dirt, dirt, and grime leaving behind a high-shine protective layer.


  • Cleans, Shines & Waxes
  • Works without scratching the paint
  • Protects from harmful UV rays
  • Anti-static formula keeps dust away


  • Remove any heavy dirt build up (thick mud or grit etc.) especially on lower sills etc.
  • Simply apply Glow apex waterless wash on the vehicle, one panel at a time.
  • Wipe with a soft, clean, dry cotton cloth or a high-grade microfiber cloth for optimum results.