Wheely Prominent- Tire Restorer & Protection
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Wheely Prominent- Tire Restorer & Protection
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Wheely Prominent- Tire Restorer & Protection

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Product description

Wheely Great Tire Restorer and Protection!

Take your tires and trim to the next level - create a rich, dark, and glossy black look.


There’s nothing greater than the finished accent of rich, wet, pitch-black tires. Wheely Prominent advanced technology provides luxurious midnight-black gloss and conveys an unbelievable appearance. Show-stopping, head-turning, gorgeous wet black tire shine that lasts for months and months. Wheely Prominent is a superior quality, cost-effective, quick, and effective tire shine coating.

Restores original shine

Long lasting water-resistant formula

UV protection from drying and cracking

Anti-septic formula keeps dust away

Multipurpose: Auto-Fabric, vinyl and velour upholstery, plastic trim, floor, mats, roof liners, door panels, dashboards, and all carpeting.

Home: Household furniture, carpeting and upholstery.


The advanced technology of the WHEELY PROMINENT transforms the faded, dull, dirty appearance of your vehicle’s tires, giving them a rich wet look that is dry to the touch once complete. It continues to protect the tires with a defensive coating that repels water, dirt, reflects the sun’s UV rays, and continually restores the tire to that saturated, brand new, showcase finish.

IMPORTANT NOTE: - The result of the product depends on the surface condition, so use the product as per the instructions given below.

DIRECTIONS (READ BEFORE USE): Shake well before use

For the best results, surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned and completely dry to allow the product to properly bond.

  1. Spray wheely Prominent a few times and massage onto the surface to create a thin, even layer.
  2. Leave Wheely Prominent to air dry for a beautiful glossy shine, after 10 minutes, wipe off excess with a microfiber towel.
  3. For EXTREME GLOSS: Lightly spray the product directly onto tires. Wipe off over-spray and leave to air dry.

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